Construction Projects 2020

Today was a strange day in school. Taking a trip through the construction room was like scenes more commonly seen in a documentary. It was clear the room was abandoned with the intention to return. Tools, paint brushes and varnishes left on tables ready for the next days work.

On Thursday 12th March like many we were taken by surprise, the schools closed a week earlier then we had guessed. Nobody ever expected that was the last day of school for the class of 2020, we thought we’d back back after Easter or worst case the May bank holiday. Foot and Mouth, SARS, H1N1, Swine flu, all passed through in recent years and we all kept working. Confident we would be back the Construction class left the projects with a few small touches left to do before the final exams.

Every year at this time we post our projects for all to see, and this year will be no different. Keep in mind when you look at the projects, some are finished, some are almost there. The odd coat of varnish is needed, maybe a hinge or a clock, the cushions are mocked up but the sense of where we were going is clear.

Best of luck to the class of 2020, don’t be shy call in and say hello, our door will open again.

Junior Certificate Wood Projects 2019

Below are the projects submitted by this years woodwork classes for the State Examinations.

Students had to pick one of the following design briefs and submit a project they felt answered the brief.

Coursework 2019 – Design and Realisation Design Briefs

Ordinary Level

1. Design and make a compact artefact to store three small handheld gardening items. Your artefact should be portable and reflect a nature theme. The maximum dimension of your artefact must not exceed 350mm.

2. Animated movies have entertained audiences for many years. Design and make a decorative artefact to celebrate your favourite animated movie. Your artefact should exhibit skilful handcraft in wood. Your artefact should be compact and suitable for display on a desk or shelf.

3. Design and make an attractive wall-mounted artefact on which to hang four coats. Your artefact should incorporate curves and should showcase your handcraft skills. It should reflect a theme of your choice. The maximum dimension of your artefact must not exceed 400mm.

Design Briefs – Higher Level

1. Wood is an ideal medium from which to handcraft beautiful items of unique design and function. Design and make a distinctive artefact for the neat storage of newspapers, magazines or other printed material. Your artefact should include an innovative secondary function and should showcase a range of your handcraft skills. The maximum dimension of your artefact must not exceed 450mm.

2. Young people share global concerns about the health and sustainability of our oceans and seas. Design and make an elegant artefact that evokes the beauty and diversity of our oceanic habitats. Your design should reflect the importance of protecting and preserving our fragile oceans. A variety of carefully chosen hardwoods, complemented by a range of handcraft skills, should enhance your design. The maximum dimension of your artefact must not exceed 350mm.

3. Cherished items are often simple, cleverly conceived, well crafted and beautiful in appearance. Design and make a slimline unit to hold a variety of small personal items in a young person’s room. Your artefact should be designed to be wall or corner mounted and should incorporate distinct spaces to facilitate neat organisation. Handcrafted joints should be a distinctive feature of your artefact. The maximum dimension of your artefact must not exceed 450mm.