Culinary Exchange!

Today some second year Home Economics students experienced a culinary delight as their classmate Sophia Chen dazzled us with her skills and technique of making spring rolls. Students are currently learning about different types of pastry and their uses. Sophia informed the class about how to handle and prepare filo pastry, the combinations of fillings used, how to wrap and roll correctly and the importance of cooking till golden brown. For some students it was their first time tasting spring rolls. All students were delighted with the step-by-step rolling instructions demonstrated by Sophia. They are going to attempt to make spring rolls at home in the coming weeks. The flaky, crispy, golden spring rolls were a real crowd pleaser and enjoyed by all. Thank you Sophia!

The Great Cookie Sale

The Great Cookie 🍪Sale was a great success today. Eoin and his trusted assistant, James made nearly €200 for Liskennet horses. Ms Devine was the lucky first customer. Eoin will deliver the donation to Liskennet (St Joseph’s Foundation ) tomorrow. Thanks to all who helped out and supported the cause. Recipe available on request from room 41.

Super Chefs

The Super Chefs of third year just completing their Pre- Practical cookery assessment, worth 50% of their Home Economics marks. Well done to all- very tasty dishes… and to think they had half their 1st yr cookery online during Covid lockdown.! Amazing work done by all.