Graduation 2020

Welcome to the Hazelwood College online Graduation 2020.

Live from 7.30pm, 3rd June 2020

Congratulations to the class of 2020, the management and staff wish you all the best in your future endeavors

Jessie Barr – Webinar Today

Hazelwood College are very lucky to have Jessie Barr (Olympian and Performance Psychologist with Sport Ireland) host a webinar chat for all our students this Friday, May 29th, at 2pm. Jessie will speak about looking after your mental health as we progress through lockdown, and strategies to thrive during this time. It will be an opportunity to hear some simple tips about adjusting our mindsets and prioritising our wellbeing.

We are looking forward to hearing her expertise!

Students, siblings and parents are welcome to join if they wish.

The login details have been sent to all students via email and their P.E. Google Class

Important Message LC/LCA 2020

The Department of Education has issued important instructions for all Leaving Certificate / Leaving Certificate Applied 2020 students. Attached is a document explaining what needs to be done and how it is to be done. In summary:

Leaving Certificate Applied Students         

Need to complete the registration process

Leaving Certificate and L.C.V.P. Students       

Need to complete the registration process AND confirm their subject levels

Please read the document VERY carefully, and make sure the steps are completed on time.

Timeframe this process must be completed during

The portal will open at 10 AM on Tuesday 26 May and close at 10 PM on Thursday 28 May

You can download the instructions here

Hazelwood College Awards 2020

All our students are hardworking and dedicated, and I want to acknowledge their commitment to their studies and to sport. We cannot however offer awards to everybody. The people getting awards today have shown something special that we want to acknowledge. Normally all the students would be gathered in front of me in the gym as the announcement of the award winners is called out. This year however is different and we are announcing the winners online. The presentation of the award prizes will be made at a later date.

I want thank all the staff who have worked so hard with all their students and brought them to a point where they can move from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle or leave second level education and venture to the world of work or to college. A special thanks to all the staff who have taken teams or helped out in any way with improving the quality education that is delivered in Hazelwood College.

Sports Awards

(1) Athletics: Callum Keating, Munster Indoor Intermediate Boys Shot Put Champion 2020

(2) Basketball: Hannah Cremin MVP in Cadet Basketball Final win

(3) Camogie: Sarah Sheehan

(4) Senior Football: James Molyneaux 

(5) Hurling: David Boyce Munster Colleges Hurling winner 

(7) Ladies Football: Rachel Power

(8) Soccer Brian Ahern: Irish schools soccer team (Winner 2019)

(9)  Handball: Doubles team of Ciara McCarthy/Aisling Shanahan

Overall Sports Star of the year

Hannah Cremin.

Ethos Awards

Coyle FaulknerCoyle was extremely helpful to me this year. One example is that every Tuesday morning he would ensure that the SPHE Books were collected and ready for the rest of the class. He is always on hand to offer help in any way he can
Caoimhe Horan
Joshua Linford
Kate Horan
Ellie May Sweeney
Attending and assisting with the TY mentoring programme for 1st years and offering time and support to those new in the school
Edward O’ConnorShowing empathy and kindness to students who find school difficult
Connie O’ConnorShowing empathy and kindness to students who find school difficult
Ciaran Lenihan
Thomas Kiely
Jamie Carroll
Edward O’Connor
For braving terrible conditions and behaving in such responsible manner to attend the car park on the nights of the concerts
Muireann O’Callaghan
Hannah O’Sullivan
Aine Tiearney
Sinead Reidly
Concern National Debating winning 4th round
Sophie O’Shaughnessy
Anna O’Regan Cunningham
Jack Condon
Colm Tynan
Ellie Mae Sweeney
Concern Debating
Darragh RyanParticipation and engagement in Politics and Society
Jack WalmsleyBest Citizenship project
Sadie MullaneMaths For her commitment to her work over the last three years. Sadie is always in good spirits and we were very impressed with her engagement since March.
Gemma O’SullivanMaths Gemma has been a pleasure to teach over the last two years. Happy at her work and very mannerly. Very impressed with her engagement since March.
Paul BegleyPaul has been a dedicated student over the last two years in Maths. Always does his best. We were very impressed with his engagement since March.
Dean BurnsIt was a pleasure to teach Dean over the last two years. Very polite and always ready to ask a question if not sure of a topic.
Dylan O’FlynnMaths Dylan has been a pleasure to teach over the last three years . Even though he found some subjects difficult his attendance at school was excellent . A very polite and at time humourous student. He is very deserving of this award and we look forward to seeing him next year.
Colleen O DwyerColleen is a wonderful young lady who has embraced second level education with great determination . Not easy for any first year but Colleen certainly did excel in certain subjects. Her love of cats caused a few smiles in the staffroom and corridor during the year. Looking forward to working with her next year,
Darragh RyanDarragh has always been a student of impeccable behaviour. His positive attitude and diligent work has marked him out in the last two years in my class as a good student and as a calm and resourceful young man. I am confident that he will be a success in whatever path life takes. His easy going nature makes it certain that he’ll never walk alone.
Nicole PowerNicole is a very able student, with a mature attitude towards her studies. Her quiet demeanour belies a lively ability to discuss and argue in her work. I wish her all the best in the future.
Jack PierceJack’s constant optimism has been important in our class over the two years, his dedication and hard work have been obvious for the six years he has been in Hazelwood, as has his unfailing good manners. He has developed into a mature and thoughtful man. Best of luck for the future.
Jack WalsmleyJack has grown into a mature and capable young man, whose attitude towards his work has been marked by determination and dedication. Best of luck in the future
Gillian GoreGillian is a very hardworking student, whose effort and dedication is exemplary. She is always very pleasant and a great student.
Ella DoreElla is a very diligent student, whose consistent effort and mature attitude ensure that she is a huge asset to the class
Mark KennedyMark is a student of huge ability whose contributions to class are exemplary.
Colm Ryan Selected Limerick U20 Football team
Brendan Harding
Thomas Kiely
Both of these students worked tirelessly to help out with any task that needed to be done to get the well-being room up and running. Their help was invaluable and the job would not have been completed without them.
Oliver O’DellHe is a very thoughtful and kind student. He is obliging and helpful at all times and acted as an admirable role model for younger students in bus study these past months.
Padraig O’ReganReason for Award is a very thoughtful and kind student. He is obliging and helpful at all times and acted as an admirable role model for younger students in bus study these past months.
Amy WalshShe is an engaged, enthusiastic and energetic student. She has added to her class with interesting questions, debate, discussion and an enthusiasm which was both admirable and enjoyable. She has added to her science class during her junior years and is a pleasure to teach.
Abigail Lenihan
Catherine Walsh
Liam Sheahan
Excellence in Woodwork
Emma O’Donoghue
Brian O’Callaghan
Diarmuid Ryan
These students are in the second honours class great workers over the last 2 yrs
Ciara McCarthy
Chloe Farrell
Roisin Daly
Emma O Flynn
Ethos awards for their help with the organisation of Cadet Basketball in the school
Robert GalvinRobert is such an enthusiastic student. I find his enthusiasm is a very positive influence in the class. He is always on time and polite and when asked to help in the art room he is more than willing to give a hand. I am happy to nominate Robert for an ethos award 2020

Junior Subject Award

SubjectAward Winner
FrenchHannah Cremin
CSPECiara Aherne
BusinessJack Cremin
MathsEmma O’Donoughue
GermanJames Stack
GeographyOrla Bennis
DCGTaylor Jordan
MetalworkShay Collins
EnglishDarragh Lynch
ScienceEvan Quaid
TechnologyGabor Kiss
MusicLaura Sexton
WoodworkEvan O Callaghan
GaeilgeElena Falvey
ArtCatherine Walsh
Home EconomicsGrace Noonan

Senior Subject Award

SubjectAward Winner
FrenchSarah Enright
AccountingChloe Farrell
LCVPShauna Cunningham
BusinessSarah Enright
Politics and SocietyNicole Power
MathsSeamus Aherne
GermanAoife O’Callaghan
ChemistryKieran O’Flynn
Ag ScienceCaitlin O’Connor
GeographyColm Ryan
HistoryRoisin Normoyle
Home EconomicsYvonne O’Kelly
HCTShannon Sheahan
DCGAoife O’Callaghan
EngineeringSharne Harnett
EnglishDarragh Ryan
BiologyEllen Reidy
MusicOrla O’Brien
ConstructionCathal Broderick
GaeilgeEmma Enright
ArtAnna Cremin

Special Award

Jack Pierce who has never missed a day in school since he started in Broadford Primary school

Principals Award

James O’Connor

Student of the Year & LCA Student of the Year

In line with tradition The Student of the Year will be announced at our graduation ceremony which will be held online this year.

Congratulations to all our award winners.

Stay safe and stay well

Brendan Burke


Leaving Certificate – Letter from Principal

Dear Student/Parent/Guardian

As you may be aware, the decision has been taken to postpone the Leaving Certificate examinations scheduled to commence on 29 July 2020 and to offer students a system of Calculated Grades.

All students will be given the option to receive a State Certificate of Calculated Grades in each subject. It will have the same status as Leaving Certificates awarded to students in previous years.

Students will also have the opportunity to sit the conventional Leaving Certificate examination if they wish at the earliest safe and practical time.

Calculated Grades will be generated using a systematic statistical model. It will combine estimates of a student’s expected performance with the school’s statistical profiles of achievement in a subject and level, in line with national performance standards over time.

The first source of data will be provided by the subject teacher. It will then be aligned in the school, with teachers consulting on the results before the principal reviews the process applied to assure the fair treatment of students. The school then sends the data to the Department of Education and Skills.

There will be strong oversight and control and a number of inherent quality assurance measures to ensure students receive as fair a result as possible.

We are asking all students and parents/guardians to refrain from contacting teachers to discuss, query or suggest any reference to subject percentages. We appreciate your cooperation with this request. The school needs time to appraise itself fully with the arrangements that have been announced and further clarifications are required.

A guide to calculated grades for Leaving Certificate students 2020 is available here.

Leaving Certificate students will not have any classes from Monday and can use the next two weeks to continue to study if they are choosing to take the Leaving Certificate examinations which will be organised at a future date (there are no details on any dates for these examinations and they will not take place in time for students to start in Third Level). Teachers will be available via our remote learning arrangements (Google Classroom,email etc.) if students require assistance with subject material.

Our staff are also looking at end of year arrangements with a view to holding a virtual graduation and a series of other options in marking the end of post-primary for your son/daughter and we look forward to sharing these details with you in due course.

We will contact you soon again with additional information and further clarification as we receive it.

Take care of yourself and stay safe

Kind regards

Brendan Burke


Leaving Certificate – Press Release

08 May, 2020 – Minister announces postponement of 2020 Leaving Certificate examinations

All students to be offered the option of accepting Calculated Grades or sitting Leaving Certificate written examinations at a later date 

The Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh T.D. has today (Friday 8 May 2020) announced the postponement of the 2020 Leaving Certificate. 

Following a decision at Cabinet, all students are to be offered the option of receiving Calculated Grades for the subjects they are studying and the alternative of sitting the 2020 Leaving Certificate examinations at a date in the future when it is considered safe to hold the examinations. 

The decision has been taken following an assessment of public health advice and other information and the implications for holding the exams from the previously rescheduled date of Wednesday 29 July 2020. 

Minister McHugh said: “I have made every effort to run the 2020 Leaving Certificate as close as possible to the way the examinations were originally intended to be held. 

“My desire had been to allow students to undertake the written and practical examinations in July and August but I have compelling evidence, based on medical advice and other assessments, that the Leaving Certificate examinations cannot be held in a reliable and valid manner, nor in a way that would be equitable for students.” 

Minister McHugh said: “The reality of the impact of Covid-19 has led to a decision that has never happened in our country before. I fully appreciate the magnitude of this issue, for the students and their families, for the teachers and for school principals. 

“This decision is taken with the best interests of students at heart. I have a responsibility to find a fair way to address the disadvantage that some students are facing and the impact a lack of time in school has had in recent weeks. 

“The system being put in place will allow a young person to progress to the next stage of their life in a timely fashion. 

“The fairest and most equitable way to do that in the current circumstances is to offer students the option of Calculated Grades for the 2020 Leaving Certificate but also to guarantee them the right to sit the examinations at a later stage when it is safe to hold them in the normal way. 

“The decision has to be taken now to remove the anxiety that many students have been experiencing over how the exams would look later in the summer.” 

Minister McHugh thanked the advisory group of stakeholders for their input in recent weeks in relation to the holding of the examinations. 

The following is a breakdown of the process to be applied for students to be given the option of Calculated Grades or to sit the examinations.

  1. The 2020 Leaving Certificate examinations, previously scheduled to take place in late July and August, have been postponed.
  2. There will be no Leaving Certificate fee this year. All exam fees which have been paid will be refunded.
  3. Teachers will be asked to provide a professional judgment of each student’s attainment which will be subjected to a rigorous in-school alignment process to ensure fairness.
  4. The school principal will approve the estimated scores being provided and the rankings of each student in each subject in the school.
  5. A special unit is being established within the Department of Education and Skills to process the data provided by each school and operate national standardisation, again to ensure fairness amongst all students.
  6. The Department will finalise the grades for each student which will be issued to each student as close as possible to the traditional date. Formal State certification will also be provided.
  7. Students will retain the right to appeal. This will involve checks on school-entered data; correct transfer of that data to the Department; a review that it was correctly received and processed by the Department; and a verification of the Department’s processes by independent appeal scrutineers.
  8. Students will also retain the right to the sit the 2020 Leaving Certificate examinations at a date in the future when it is deemed safe for state examinations to be held.


3rd Year Assessments 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

We hope you and your loved ones are well and coping as best as you can in these extraordinary times.

Understandably, recent weeks have been very challenging for everyone, and particularly, students in Third Year and Sixth Year. It is hard to believe that schools have been closed since 13 March 2020 with no clarity as to when they will be allowed to reopen for students.

Important information for Third Year Students – Junior Certificate 2020

The Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh TD announced on 10 April 2020 that a decision was made to cancel the Junior Certificate examinations which were due to take place in June 2020.

This was followed by another announcement by the Minister for Education and Skills on Wednesday, 29 April 2020 to clarify details on the revised arrangements for this year’s Junior Cycle.

The decision was taken following recommendations from an advisory group of stakeholders as part of planning for the State Examinations in response to the Covid-19 public health measures and the decision to cancel Junior Cycle State Examinations in June 2020.

Department of Education and Skills Certificate of Completion

Your child will receive a Certificate of Completion, issued by the Department of Education and Skills, early in the next school year. This Department of Education and Skills certificate will include confirmation of the completion of the Junior Cycle programme of study, the list of subjects, short courses and/or priority learning units your child studied and the level at which the subject was studied.

School Report

In accordance with the Minister of Education and Skills announcement on Wednesday, 29 April 2020, your child will receive a formal school report on your child’s learning achievements in each subject, short course and/or priority learning unit.

A whole-school approach will be undertaken to report on your child’s achievements. Teachers will carefully analyse your child’s learning, development and the outcomes of assessments over the three years of study at the school.

The school certification will also include the descriptors awarded to Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) and/or Priority Learning Units (PLUs) and other Areas of Learning (OAL).

All Third Year students will finish the three year Junior Certificate programme on 29 May 2020 and there will be no examinations in September. Therefore, students will resume school in September in their next programme for senior cycle – Transition Year, LCA1 or Fifth Year.

As the school year does not finish until 29 May 2020, our Third Year students are still expected to continue to work with their teachers and submit work that will be taken into account in the results students will receive in their school reports. The schedule of this work includes;

● On-going engagement with distance learning which has been in place since 13 March 2020

● Assessments in each subject via online assessments as directed by each teacher

● Assessments in each subject which are project or report based and which can be sent to the school for teachers to correct if there is an issue with broadband or if the student does not have access to a device to complete the online examination which will be part of the Subject grading.

It is important that each student’s engages and participates up until 29 May 2020 and submits end of year test / project.

Presentation of Certificate of Completion

Our school plans to celebrate your child’s achievements with a special presentation ceremony for students to receive their Department of Education and Skills Certificate of Completion in Autumn 2020. This will allow for students to experience an event that marks their achievements and to acknowledge their transition from Junior Cycle to Transition Year/Senior Cycle. We will provide details about the date and format of this presentation in due course.

The following items will be used to create a grade for each student in each subject.

Each department will decide on an assignment for all 3rd year students to complete during the month of May. It is important that all student check in with google classroom to communicate with their teacher re this assignment.

If students have problems accessing google classroom then you need to contact the school on 087-6023992 to ensure your child receives their assignments.

Student without internet access should return the assignments by post. Mark the subject teacher and subject name on the envelope and post to:

Hazelwood College, Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick.  P56 HF60

Results will be available in early June and Certification will come in the autumn.

Kind regards

Brendan Burke


Junior Cert Annoucement

29 April, 2020 – Minister McHugh announces revised arrangements for Junior Cycle 2020

–          All third year Junior Cycle students to be awarded certificates for the completion of Junior Cycle by the Department of Education and Skills

–          Schools given autonomy to assess students and all students to receive a report on achievement 

–          Adult learners to be given opportunity to take final Junior Cycle examinations in autumn

The Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD has today (Wednesday 29 April 2020) announced revised arrangements for this year’s Junior Cycle.

The decision was taken following recommendations from an advisory group of stakeholders as part of planning for the State Examinations in response to the Covid-19 public health measures and the decision that the Junior Cycle State Examinations will not run this year.

Minister McHugh attended the meeting of the advisory group and thanked the members for their work.

“In this difficult time for students I have listened to the very strongly-held and well-articulated views of students, parents and other stakeholders,” Minister McHugh said.

“This decision has been made with the health and wellbeing of students, parents and teachers at the forefront of our thinking.

“It gives students and their families more clarity and certainty. It also gives schools freedom to decide how best to assess the progress of students following three years of hard work and learning.”

Under the revised arrangements and in light of the exceptional circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the work and achievement of third year Junior Cycle students will be recognised with a state certificate from the Department of Education and Skills.

As soon as possible after the end of the current school year, students will receive a written school report on their learning achievements in each subject, short course and/or priority learning unit

Schools are also being given autonomy to decide whether to run school-based assessments and what form they take. Options to consider include school-designed examinations, tasks, projects, assignments, essay style questions, presentations, or other tasks agreed at a local level. Guidance for schools on reporting to students and parents, developed with the advice of the advisory group of stakeholders, will be published by the Department.

The State Examinations Commission is also being asked to put in place specific arrangements for adult learners to give them an opportunity to take final Junior Cycle examinations for which they are entered in autumn 2020.


Notes for Editors

For info on the advisory group see here

Further advice in relation to assessment options for schools will be issued by the Department.

Letter from Principal

16th April 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

I hope you had a nice Easter in spite of the restrictions on movement that were implemented nationally since 27 March 2020 in line with public health guidelines.  We appreciate how challenging the current Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis has been for families, and we are working hard to support all students and parents/guardians in our school community as the crisis evolves.  We know from feedback from our staff and interactions with students, that students and teachers miss school-life and attending classes.  The past few weeks have presented many challenges, but the resolve of our students, staff and parents/guardians to engage in this steep learning curve in working from home is truly admirable.  We are very proud that so many students and our staff worked very hard before Easter to minimize disruption to learning.  Everyone in the school community has embraced the new term called ‘Distance Learning’ in an effort to fulfil a continuity of learning.

As you are aware, schools have remained closed to students since 13 March 2020.  The current health advice is that all schools will remain closed to students until Tuesday, 5 May 2020 (after the May Bank Holiday weekend).

We have listened carefully to feedback from students, staff and parents prior to Easter.  We want to ensure that we focus our efforts for the next two weeks on teaching, learning and the provision of effective feedback to students.

To this end, we plan on holding an on-line staff meeting and subject planning meetings over the next few days to coordinate the most effective work-stream for the ensuing two week period and to provide for enriched feedback to your child/children.  Students are asked to revise subjects as per their regular timetable on Monday, 20 April 2020.

Students in Sixth Year and Third Year

We are especially mindful of the decision that affects students in Sixth Year and Third Year regarding the Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate examinations.

Information on exam and assessment schedules, including the Leaving Certificate Applied and the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is available on the website of the State Examinations Commission:

The Department of Education and Skills and the State Examinations Commission are making every effort to support all students through this challenging time.

Students facing examinations have been asked to keep focused and to keep working in preparation for the exams which are now scheduled for July.  More details will be forthcoming in the near future regarding the Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate examinations and we will bring this information to your attention without delay.

Supports for Students including Internet Connections and Data Bundles on Mobile Providers

The Department of Education and Skills has been working closely with the tertiary education sector to address issues raised in relation to accessing online provision including broadband issues. 

Thankfully, we are seeing progress in some ways to help students with connectivity and data issues.

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton T.D. announced on Wednesday, 15of April 2020 that all major telecoms providers have committed to a number of measures to help people stay in touch and work from home during Covid-19.  All major providers have signed up, including BT Ireland, eir, Pure Telecom, Sky Ireland, Tesco Mobile Ireland, Three Ireland, Virgin Media Ireland and Vodafone.

These commitments will be implemented by operators as soon as possible. Each service provider will provide details and implementation updates on their own website. The commitments will remain available to consumers until 30 June 2020 and will be reviewed in advance of that date if needed.

The Covid-19 Consumer Commitments are as follows:

1. Any fixed broadband customers who do not have unlimited usage already as standard will be given the opportunity, if they require, to upgrade their package (which may be on a temporary basis), with their current service provider

2. Any customer who does not have fixed broadband and who relies solely on mobile access to the Internet will have the opportunity to avail of affordable unlimited mobile data access/package from their service provider

3. Fair usage policies will not be automatically applied to unlimited fixed and mobile data packages

4. Service providers may implement appropriate permitted traffic management measures to avoid network congestion

5. Access to healthcare and educational resource websites identified by the Government will be zero-rated for all customers where technically feasible

Customers experiencing issues should contact their service provider in the first instance, before contacting ComReg’s Consumer Care Team at or 01 8049668 (from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday, excluding public holidays.

Wellbeing including physical activity

NEPS, the Department’s National Educational Psychological Service, has developed advice and resources for keeping Children and Young People well during Covid-19. These resources aim to support children and young people’s learning and wellbeing at this time.

In the context of wellbeing, NEPS has included a reference in its advice for young people and for parents of young children for the need for physical activity as part of everyone’s daily routine while schools are closed.

For information, the relevant text can be found at the following links:

Advice for Young People:

Advice for Parents:

Supporting Students with Additional Education Needs

The National Council for Special Education has developed resources for parents of children with additional needs who may benefit from specific advice during the period of school closure.  All resources are available on the NCSE website and publicised through education partners and Twitter. The NCSE visiting teacher service continues to provide direct telephone/skype support to families and students.  The NCSE resources can be accessed at: and include;

  • resources for parents and teachers such as class\age level activities
  • practical advice on how to take care of Assistive Technology in the Home and a suite of Occupational Therapy and
  • Speech and Language Therapy resources (including a social story animation on attending a Covid-19 test Centre prepared by the HSE).

Temporary reassignment of SNAs

Currently, SNA personnel are being reassigned to assist with efforts to support front-line health workers.  We will make every effort to ensure that students who have access to an SNA are receiving supports throughout the next two weeks.

Additional Information

A considerable number of announcements regarding schools and state examinations were made over the course of the Easter break.  The main points are summarised below;

Statements and Information:

  1. 10 April 2020: Minister McHugh Announces Postponement of State Examinations
  2. 09 April 2020:Briefing on Covid-19 responses in the Education and Training Sector

Assessing Teaching and Learning in our School

Our School’s Digital Learning Hub, which students are familiar with, is the main portal for accessing on-line classes and feedback from teachers.  Our staff has received support and guidance from Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board on the most effective strategies to manage on-line learning.  Several teleconferencing meetings of all Principals and Deputy Principals of all eighteen post-primary schools of our ETB have taken place since 13 March 2020 and this has proven invaluable in the sharing of best-practice and resources between all of our schools.

Our staff have received advice, guidance and peer support on managing learning, teaching and assessment in the current crisis and we are hopeful that this will help to mitigate the loss in class contact time and ‘Face to Face’ time in the current climate.

Acceptable User Policy (AUP)

Our school’s Acceptable User Policy (AUP) has been revised to reflect the increasingly popular use of teleconferencing platforms.  Our school only utilises platforms which fully comply with GDPR requirements.  It is important that students understand that the school expects all of its community to observe responsible and ethical use of such platforms in respect of other users – fellow students and staff.  Guidance and additional information about our school’s use of teleconferencing is available on our school website under the Digital Learning section.

Contacting the School during Closure

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the school via this email address  and we will do all we can to address your query as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please follow the advice of the HSE and the Government;

Everyone needs to stay at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

You should only leave your home to:

  • shop for essential food and household goods
  • attend medical appointments, collect medicine or other health products
  • care for children, older people or other vulnerable people – this excludes social family visits
  • exercise outdoors, within 2 kilometres of your home and only with people from your own household – keeping 2 metres between you and other people
  • travel to work if you provide an essential service – be sure to practice physical distancing

Follow this advice to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Read a step-by-step guide from the HSE on how to clean your hands.

Take care of yourself and stay safe

Kind regards

Brendan Burke


Dept of Education – Press Release

10 April, 2020 – Minister McHugh Announces Postponement of State Examinations

Changes follow updated health advice regarding school closures until further notice

  • Leaving Certificate written examinations postponed until late July/August
  • Junior Cycle examinations in June replaced with school-based exams and assessments early in the new school year

The Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD has today (Friday 10 April 2020) announced a series of changes to the 2020 State Examinations as part of measures to respond to Covid-19, including postponement of the Leaving Certificate examinations.

The decisions have been taken on foot of updated advice from the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET).

Minister McHugh said plans were being put in place for the postponed Leaving Certificate examinations to begin in the last week of July or early August, subject to public health advice.

Junior Cycle final examinations due to take place in June will be replaced by school-based exams and assessments held early in the new school year.

A series of other decisions has also been taken –

  • As part of the wider public health measures, schools are closed until further notice.
  • Practical examinations for Leaving Certificate students which were due to have been held in May are deferred. They will be rescheduled for late July/early August.
  • The new Leaving Certificate exam timetable will be confirmed in early June.

Minister McHugh said: “All decisions we are taking in relation to rescheduling exams are based on current public health advice and put the best interests of students first. The welfare of students and that of their families is front and centre in all decision making.

“The final arrangements for the exams, the exam centres, social distancing and other measures will all be determined by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) on foot of public health advice in June. I want to thank the SEC for its efforts to put in place these revised arrangements.

“Students and their families have been seeking clarity. Today’s announcement addresses that. It also provides them with several weeks of advance notice to prepare for the examinations. I hope it helps to alleviate some stress being experienced by students and their families at this time.

“Asking Leaving Certificate students and their families to refocus their attention from June to August is not something we do lightly. I know it will not be easy. However, I believe it is the fairest way of assessing students and giving them certification of achievement in school and a pathway to higher and further education and training, apprenticeship or work.”

Minister McHugh also said: “Students with special educational needs will be fully supported in sitting the rescheduled Leaving Certificate examinations in line with the reasonable accommodations as already arranged for them.”

Minister McHugh said the intention was to allow at least two weeks of class time, in school, before the Leaving Certificate examinations begin.

“Great work is being done by schools and teachers to connect with students and to keep them learning. We must give teachers, principals and school staff huge credit for their commitment to supporting students, in their schoolwork and in their wellbeing. And we want to provide students and teachers with an opportunity to build on that,” the Minister said.

As part of the changes to the Junior Cycle, discussions will take place with teacher unions and school management to allow these examinations, linked Classroom-Based Assessments, Assessment Tasks and project work to be completed as school-based assessments early in the next school year.

Minister McHugh acknowledged the positive engagement he has had with unions, management bodies, the further education and training and higher education sectors on all of these issues.

“I am grateful for the co-operation shown by all concerned, in what is a very challenging situation for our young people, their families and teachers. I am confident we can continue to work together in a supportive spirit to help secure the best outcomes for students,” the Minister said.

Minister of State for Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O’Connor said: “The third level institutions look forward to welcoming this year’s Leaving Certificate students who have applied to enter their courses. I appreciate the particular challenges these students have had to face and I welcome the flexible approach indicated by the sector to enabling these students to take up a place in the year ahead.”

The admissions process for higher education, managed by the Central Applications Office (CAO), will operate as closely as possible to the usual timeframe for offers and the entry date for first year students will be delayed.

The Department has asked the Higher Education Authority and the higher education sector to explore ways of assisting access to higher education for students from under-represented groups.


Notes for Editors

School closures

  • Schools were closed on public health grounds at 6pm 12 March and remain closed until further notice.
  • Students have lost 15 classroom instruction days to date, since the closure of schools.

Leaving Certificate statistics

  • More than 61,000 students are expected to sit the Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied in 2020.
  • This includes 44,396 students sitting the established Leaving Certificate and 13,668 for the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and 2,999 sitting the Leaving Certificate Applied.

Orals and Practicals

  • Leaving Certificate oral language and some Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle practical performance examinations had been scheduled to take place between 23 March and 3 April.
  • These were cancelled and candidates awarded 100% for these components.
  • Today’s announcement does not change that position.

Practical projects and Course Work

  • A range of subjects involve these elements – Computer Science, PE Performance, Technology, Art, Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, History, Geography, RE, Politics and Society, Music Composition, Construction Studies and Home Economics (Textiles).
  • The deadline for submission of work will now be immediately prior to the commencement of the written examinations in the late July/August period.

Practical examinations

  • A number of practical examinations, supervised by school appointed superintendents and scheduled for 27 April to 8 May in Engineering, Art Life Sketching and Construction Studies and a practical and written examination in Computer Science scheduled for 27 May will now take place in the late July/August period.

Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) and LCVP Link Modules

The Leaving Certificate Applied is a distinct, self-contained two-year Leaving Certificate programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life.

LCVP is a Leaving Certificate programme with a Strong Vocational focus. It may be taken alongside other subjects.

  • LCA Personal Reflection Task, scheduled for completion by 1 May, will now be completed by the commencement of the written examinations in the late July/August period.

The following will be rescheduled for the late July/August period.

  • LCA Oral Examinations
  • LCA practical performance tests in Hotel Catering & Tourism; Office Administration and Customer Care; Active Leisure Studies; Hair & Beauty; and Agriculture/Horticulture
  • LCA ICT practical performance and written examination.
  • LCVP Link modules written examination.