‘Celebrating Us’ Tuesday, October 9th

Preparations are well underway for this fantastic event. We would ask all parents and friends of the school to read the letter below and to consider if they could help out in any way.

On Tuesday 9th October 2018 Hazelwood College is holding its first “Celebrating Us” day. On this day the school books will be put away and all students and staff will be trained in CPR. The aim is that we will be sending nearly 600 people into communities served by the school and that they are confident and qualified in this invaluable skill to save lives. Not only will students get the opportunity to save the lives of others, but through a variety of activities on the day such as yoga, mindfulness, and numerous guest speakers they will also be equipped to develop their own wellbeing through instilling their own personal resilience to face the challenges of the modern world, including social medial and increasing stress levels. It is hoped that all students and teachers leave the school that day not only able to undertake CPR but feeling positive, energised and with a new appreciation for life.

We are writing to ask for sponsorship in order to make our event as successful as possible. It is hoped that this will eventually be rolled out in every school in the country so there will be a lot of media coverage of the day and all sponsors will receive as much publicity as possible, both nationally and locally. There are various levels of sponsorship, depending on the amount donated; consequently all donations are welcome and will be much appreciated. For example a platinum sponsor will have their company logo printed on a t shirt that a particular year group will be wearing throughout the day. Alternatively, if there is a specific speaker or workshop you wish to sponsor that can be arranged also.

Hazelwood College are pioneering this initiative, building on our hosting of a very successful “CPR Day for Schools”, where in conjunction with the Irish Heart Foundation in May 2018 we trained staff from over 25 schools across Munster in CPR, enabling them to then train members of their school community. This is extremely close to our hearts as CPR and the presence of a defibrillator saved the life of our colleague Michelle Herbert when she suffered a cardiac arrest on 9th October 2016 while playing a camogie match.

Beginning of School Year Mass

On Tuesday Fr O Dea celebrated our Beginning of School Year Mass. It was a wonderful celebration of the Hazelwood Community enhanced by beautiful reflections, singing and instrumental pieces.

“We start this Mass by being grateful. There are many things to be grateful for in our lives. Be grateful for your interest in and enjoyment of sport, or art,or writing, or singing or whatever.Be thankful for your health, your intelligence, your body, your mind. Be grateful for your friends; for your teachers, for being part of this school. There is a lot we’d miss if we weren’t here”

Welcome First Year 2018

A Big Welcome to the 100 first year students who started with us this week. Best of luck in you studies and activities in the coming years

Here are each of the class groups pictured with the Class Teacher, Yearhead and Principal Mr Burke.

Day One

Here are some photos of the nervous and excited first years on their first day at school in Hazelwood College.

Results Day

Congratulations to our class of 2018 who recently received their excellent results in the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied.

Here are a some photos of the day.

Best of luck to all of our graduating students in the future endeavours.

CPR 4 Schools

Hazelwood College recently hosted a CPR trainging day for Munster Schools.

CPR 4 schools enables teachers to go and train the entire school community in CPR. Hazelwood College organised for over 20 schools around Munster to take part in this initiative recently.

CPR 4 Schools is something particularly important to the students and staff of Hazelwood College. To find out why …Click Here…

Here are some photos from the day.

Awards Day

Friday 18th May was the date set for our annual awards ceremony where achievements from all aspects of school life were acknowledged and rewarded. This year we were honoured that Anna Geary came to present the awards. Anna was a wonderful speakers and an inspirational role model to our students. Congratulations to all who received awards.

Here is a small selection of photos from the day. To see the full set visit Hazelwood College on Facebook

Calendar 2018 – 2019


Tuesday 28th August:     1st years from 9:00 to 1:00

Wednesday 29th August:     3rd, 6th and LCA 2 Return

Thursday 30th August:     Remaining students return

Friday 31st August:     Viewing of Leaving Certificate Scripts


Saturday 1st September:     Viewing of Leaving Certificate Scripts

Wednesday 12th September:     Junior Certificate results

Monday 17th September:     1st years to Capanalea


Tuesday 9th October:     Celebrating Us

Tuesday 16th October:     Open Morning

Wednesday 17th October:     Open Night

Tuesday 23rd October:     School tour to Prague & Krakow until 27th October

Thursday 25th October:     Parent / Teacher meeting 6th years and LCA 2. No Homework Club or Study

Friday 26th October:     Start of Mid-term break.


Monday 5th November:     Return after midterm

Tuesday 6th November:     5th and LCA 1 Parent / Teacher meeting.  Classes finish at 3:45. P/T Meeting from 4:15 to 6:45 No Homework Club or Study

Friday 9th November:     Final date for enrolling 1st years for September 2018

Thursday 15th November:     Staff meeting No Homework Club or Study

Wednesday 21st November:     2nd year & TY 1 Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework Club or Study

Friday 30th November:     DATS tests for 3rd years


Monday 3rd December:     3rd year Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework club or Study

Tuesday 18th December:     Start of house examinations

Friday 21st December:     Christmas holidays


Monday 7th January:     Return after Christmas holidays

Friday 11th January:     In-service Junior Certificate for all staff. School closed.

Tuesday 15th January:     First year & TY 2 Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework Club or Study

Wednesday 23rd January:      Course options evening 3rd and TY

Saturday 26th January:     Assessment for incoming first years


Tuesday 5th February:     Start of pre-leaving examinations

Tuesday 12th February:     Start of LCA pre examinations

Friday 15th February:     Mid-term break

Monday 25th February:     Return after mid-term break

Thursday 28th February:      Final date for repeat applications


Wednesday 6th March:     UL Business Awards

Wednesday 13th March:     Staff meeting No Homework Club or Study

Monday 18th March:     Bank holiday

Wednesday 20th March:     6th and LCA 2 Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework Club or Study


Friday 12th April:     Easter Holidays

Monday 29th April:     Return after Easter holiday


Monday 6th May:     Bank holiday school closed

Wednesday 8th May:     Meeting of parents of incoming 1st years

Tuesday 14th May:     Staff meeting No Homework Club or Study

Tuesday 28th May:     Start of summer tests

Friday 31st May:     Summer holidays


Wednesday 5th June:     Start of state examinations

The management reserve the right to alter the calendar at any time. Please check this website for amendments to the calendar.

*** Denotes Change/Addition to Timetable from original publication