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Hazelwood College Parents Association Secretary’s Report for AGM 26/09/2016
Welcome tonight on behalf of myself Joan Twohill and all our committee members to the Annual Parents Association AGM. It was a busy but enjoyable year.
We were elected officers, presided over by Principal Brendan Burke at our first meeting last October 19th 2015, and from there we got down to business.
Chairperson Pat Brennan, Secretary Joan Twohill & Treasurer Tom O Callaghan, committee members as follows: Carmel Walmsley, Mary Madden, Helen Pierce, Liam Reidy, Dan Joe O Callaghan, Maura Heenan, Fiona Buckley Dore, Miriam Magner Flynn and Liam Quaid, Board of Management Reps :John Molyneaux, and Betty Cotter .
• We held 8 meetings throughout the year, our focus being on promoting the interests of students in the School in co-operation with board, Principal, teachers and students of the school . We are an association which has an affiliation to the Post Primary National Parents Council. We are insured with Brennan Insurances.
School Policies
• No updating during the year was required.
Upgrade of Electrical Sound System Hazelwood College:
• Hazelwood College Parents Association presented Mr Brendan Burke , Principal ,and his school staff, with a cheque €4620.00 towards the replacement/ upgrading of a new electrical sound system for the benefit for all our students in the school. This is particularly appreciated when the school holds its annual Musical or graduation events within the school.
• It has been a tradition over the past few years by the Parents Association to give a donation of €1000.00 Scholarship towards the educational /or otherwise benefits of students. There were 22 Students who applied and received financial assistance towards Summer College Courses. This year once again our Association through the school introduced YOGA classes particularly for exam years , this was to educate students about methods of relaxation, which in turn helping them towards dealing with exam pressures, which can be also considered a life long gift to teenagers. Many students participated in this class of a 6 week course, given by an outside teacher.

• Your great ideas taken on board: Automatic Texting of parents who’s children travel on the school bus, this is in use where the bus for any unforeseen reason is unable to travel of a day, will text Parents in advance.

‘’From Me to You Scheme’

• This was introduced during 2015/2016 by our Association, This is where we invite Students/Parents/Guardians to drop back unwanted school uniforms in good condition. We will sell them onwards at a very low cost to those interested. Items to include School Skirts/Jumpers/Ties and school jackets. These items must be in good condition and clean. We will offer an opportunity for these to be purchased during the year. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I think this still is in its infancy stages, as we have a poor uptake to date. Suggestions welcome .
Fundraising Events:
• Annual 45 Drive Card Night, 28th year in success.
• 5K Fun Run/Walk this in its third year and again a great success.
Both these events provided lots of local entertainment along with raising money for our school . We are extremely thankful to all those businesses for their very generous sponsorships and donations along with spot prizes given towards the running of these events.
• Bag Packing :
Newly introduced in 2015 by our Association, again well worth it. Thanks to all those involved in giving their free time.
Event Hosted, Speaker : Mr Alan Quinlan , November 30th 2015
We issued an invite to Retired Irish Rugby Union Player and Positive Mental Health Ambassador Mr Alan Quinlan. Alan is a 2 time Heineken Cup winner and was in fact voted ‘’ Man of the Match’’ as Munster beat Toulouse in 2008 when Munster won the Heineken Cup for the second time.
This event was a huge success for all those who attended. Alan spoke to a full audience of over 600 students, their teachers and all staff of our school on Positive Mental Health issues. There was a question and answer session which gave students time to talk and express their own feelings on the day.
• Workshop Hosted by Parents Association:
Titled: Supporting our Children through second Level Education:
Mr. Noel Brosnan was a teacher in St. Mary’s Secondary School , Charleville for over twenty years. He was also a Department of Education Leaving Cert History Examiner. For the last ten years he has delivered Exam Success Skills Workshops in schools throughout the Munster Region.
Noel also presents seminars to parents and teachers on a range of topics including effective learning methods and resilience, confidence and communication skills. This workshop was well attended by Parents and Guardians of school going children. Refreshments were served following the question & answer session

• Sponsorships
We would like to thank all our sponsors for their very generous sponsorships throughout the year. It is always greatly appreciated. They are the following in no particular order. Weener Plastics, Dromcollogher Credit Union, Skoda Main Dealer, Banteer, Centra Dromcollogher, Brudairs Dromcollogher, Post Office Drom, Munster Business, NCW Commercials, O Connors Butchers, Hannah’sHair Salon, Dooley’s Pharmacy, Drom Pharmacy, Tesco NCW.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking all my fellow officers, Aine & Majella School secretaries, Caretakers Bob, Principal Mr Brendan Burke, and his staff for all their assistance given to me throughout the year.
Joan Twohill
Parents Association Hazelwood College

Constitution of Hazelwood College Parents Association

We the Parents and Guardians of pupils of Hazelwood College seek to
promote the interests of the students in the school in co-operation
with the board, Principal, teachers and students of the school.

1.0 Title

We constitute ourselves as an association known as Hazelwood College
Parents Association.

2.0 Membership.

2.1 All Parents and Guardians of pupils enrolled in the School are
deemed to be members of the Association.

2.2 The Association recognises that issues relating to individual
pupils or parents and/ or teachers are a matter for determination
between the individual pupil and/or parents/guardians and the School

2.3 The Association will be affiliated to the NPAVSCC (National
Parents Association for Vocational Schools and Community Colleges) and
will adhere to its guidelines.

3.0 Objectives

3.1 To support and initiate, where appropriate, activities which
advance the aims and objectives of the School, ensuring that such
activities will not interfere with the process of management of the

3.2 To make every effort to improve communication between the
Board of Management/Principal/Teachers/Parents.

3.3 To provide a forum where Parents can discuss their mutual
problems regarding the education and welfare of their children.

3.4 To make representations to the Board of Management and/or
Principal on such matters as may be decided by the Council or by the
Association at a general meeting.

3.5 In co-operation with School Management to seek nominations
from the Parents Association to elect Parents Representatives on the
Board of Management.

3.6 To arrange from time to time talks or submissions regarding
education or allied subjects as may be deemed necessary by the Council
to be beneficial to the members and to the School.

3.7. To promote and support the role of parents and guardians as
the prime educators of their children.

3.8 To promote and support contact between the school, parents and
the wider community.

3.9 To promote and support the establishment of a Students Council.

3.10 To be aware of the ethos of the School so that all can advance
in a spirit of partnership and inclusion to the benefit of pupils,
parents, teachers and the community.

4.0 Parents Council

4.1 The members of the Parents Association will elect a Parents
Council each year at the Annual General Meeting.

4.2 The Council shall comprise of no more than twelve members.
Ideally each Year group would have a minimum of two parents/guardian
representatives plus the two members of the Board of Management.

4. 3 In the event of more than one nomination for a position a vote
is taken by secret ballot. In the event of a tie the name is drawn by
lot. The first name drawn shall be deemed elected.

4.4 In all tied votes other then 4.3 the Chairperson has the casting vote.

4.5. The Council to meet at least once per term in addition to the
AGM but desirably monthly on an agreed day as decided by the Council.

4.6 Any member of the Parents Association will be entitled to make
representations or observations to the Parent Representative for
his/her Year and it will be the duty of the Council member to bring
issues so raised to the attention of the Council at the next meeting.
If the issue requires urgent attention it must be brought to the
attention of the Chairperson.

4.7 Should a vacancy arise post AGM, the Parents Council may seek
a replacement for the period of the Council.

4.8 The following Officers of the Parents Council will be elected
at the first Council Meeting conducted after the AGM.


4.9 The three executive officers may not remain in an executive
position for more than three consecutive years. However, any one of
them may go forward for election to this position having stood down
for two years.

4.10 Should the Chairperson or Secretary not be able to attend a
Council meeting the Council may select a person to act in this
capacity for the duration of the particular meeting.


4.11 The School Principal or his/her nominee should attend for an
agreed period of the meeting to address relevant issues.

4.12 A quorum for the Council Meetings will consist of 7 of the Voting Members.

4.13 Motions tabled at the Council Meeting will be passed by a
simple majority of those voting members present at the meeting, the
Chairperson having in addition to his/her ordinary vote a casting

4.14 The Secretary will prepare the Agenda for the Council Meetings
in consultation with the Chairperson and they will consult with the
Principal on a regular basis, but at least once per term.

4.15 The minutes of the Council meeting are circulated to the
Council members and the principal Representative within 14 calendar
days of the meeting.

4.16 Notification of the next meeting is issued by the Secretary
seven days prior to the meeting with the agenda.

4.17 Any member who is absent from Council for 3 consecutive
meetings without due cause is deemed to have resigned.

4.18 The Council may invite such persons as they wish to attend their
meetings with the prior approval of School Management.

4.19 The School Principal shall be a co-signatory to any bank
account held by the Parents Association.

5.0 Annual Reports.

5.1 The Secretary and Treasurer will submit Annual reports for
consideration by the members attending the Annual General Meeting. A
copy of the annual reports will be made available to the Board of

5.2 The Treasurer will be accountable to the Board of Management
and the members for all monies which the Association and its
activities give rise to.

6.0 Annual General Meetings.

6.1. All meetings including AGM and Council meetings to be held on
the School premises.

6.2 The Annual General Meeting will normally be held not later
than 7th October.

6.3 Notification of the AGM will be posted to each member with the
permission of the Principal.

6.4 Members will be entitled to not less than fourteen days notice
of any General Meeting

6.5 Extraordinary General Meetings will be called by the Council
when it deems it necessary to do so or when it receives a written
request by parents and/or guardians of twenty percent or more of the
pupils enrolled in the School stating the matter to be moved. Except
by agreement between the Council and the members requiring the
meeting, an EGM will be held within 21 days of the requisition.

7.0 Sub-Committees.

7.1 The Council may constitute and dissolve sub-committees of the
Association as it considers necessary, to achieve the objectives of
the Association. Other Members of the Parents Association may be
invited to join these teams. The sub-committee cannot make decisions
but can make recommendations and is accountable to the Council.

8.0 The Constitution.

8.1 Changes to the Constitution can be made only at a General
Meeting. Any such changes shall require a two-thirds majority of those
present and voting at the meeting. Any notice of a motion for a
General Meeting which proposes a change in the Constitution will be
publicised to the membership at least two weeks prior to the GM.

The proposed changes will bear the names of the proposer and seconders
and will be communicated to School Management.

8.2 In the event of the dissolution of the Association all its
assets will pass to School Management.


Parents Council Association 2014/2015

Chairperson: Mr Pat Brennan
Secretary: Ms Joan Towhill
Treasurer: Mr Tom O Callaghan

Board Of Management Representatives:
Mr John Molynaeux, Ms Betty Cotter

Ms Geraldine Fenton
Ms Maura Heenan
Ms Mary McCarthy
Ms Mary Madden
Mr Dan Joe O Callaghan
Mr Liam Reidy
Ms Helen Pierce
Ms Carmel Walmsley
Ms Breda Walsh