Hazelwood College Transition Year students participated on an induction programme at the Ballyhass Lakes Activity Centre. Students participated in a series of physical challenges in order to build bonds and to prepare them for the unique challenges and learning environment offered by Transition Year. The programme is designed to instil individual confidence and independence, while strengthening the group’s identity and awareness. The development of both the individual and group confidence are key in the TYP, where students are encouraged to become self-directed and autonomous learners, able to work collectively and individually on practical and academic challenges, without the pressure of state exams.

Picture 1: The TY class of 2017/18 are pictured with Ballyhass Instructors Cillian O Riordan and Jason Sheahan who are also past pupils of the Hazelwood. 

Picture 2: TY students L-R Nicole Murphy, Fiona Wright and Aisling Shanahan enjoying their TY team Building trip in Ballyhass Lakes