Transition Year 2021

This year the students of Transition Year each produced a website to reflect the learning and achievements, that they completed this year.

Below is a selection of links to some of the websites the students produced.

Well done to all the students and what they achieved, especially in a challenging year to be a Transition Year. So much of much of Transition Year is about interaction and exploration, much of which was curtailed and restricted this year. Despite these difficulties as you can see from below, the students were still busy and hard working.

Four seasons in a day

Torc Mountain 2018

The four hour walk as part of Mental Health Week 2018, took the students from the base of the Waterfall at Torc in Killarney to the top of Top Mountain, a 5km climb of 535m (1755ft) in just over 2 hours. Over the 5km we experienced every weather from beautiful sunshine to driving wind and rain at the top. After a quick bite to eat in the shelter from the wind it was back down to the warmth and sunshine. Unfortunately no spectacular views from the top this year, maybe next time…