Junior Certificate Woodwork 2024

Below are the projects submitted by this years woodwork classes for the State Examinations.

Students had to pick one of the following design briefs and submit a project they felt answered the brief.

Select one design brief from below

  1. Handcrafted items of elegant design can enhance our living spaces.
    Design and make a decorative artefact to display household notices and reminders. It should include a facility to hold keys and to store other small items. The artefact should evoke a theme of your choice and be designed for wall-mounting or for placement on a surface. The use of carefully chosen solid woods, complemented by a range of handcraft skills, should enhance your design.
  2. Young people enjoy music as a form of relaxation.
    Design and make a unique and elegant artefact which celebrates the joys of music. Your design should reflect a musical theme, genre, artist, or group of importance to you. Your artefact should be enhanced by the use of contrasting solid woods and should showcase a range of handcraft skills and techniques.
  3. An elegant footstool is a useful item in a home.
    Design and make a compact footstool suitable for use, in an area of your choice, in a home. Your artefact must be designed to be sturdy, safe in use, and should incorporate a useful secondary function. The use of suitable solid woods enhanced by handcrafted joints should be a distinctive feature of your footstool.