Junior Cert Wood Projects 2016

Below are the projects submitted by this years woodwork classes for the State Examinations.

Students had to pick one of the following design briefs and submit a project they felt answered the brief.

Coursework 2017 – Design and Realisation

Design Briefs – Ordinary Level
1. Design and make a small side table on which to display a vase or ornament in your home. Your table should be well-proportioned and sturdy. It should be elegant in appearance and should complement the decor in the room. The footprint of the table must not exceed 300mm and the maximum height must not exceed 450mm.
2. Design and make a decorative artefact to celebrate the importance of music in your life. The artefact should reflect a music genre or artist of your choice. Your design should be enhanced by the use of contrasting solid woods. The artefact should be suitable for display on a mantelpiece or shelf.
3. Design and make an attractive artefact to hold and display containers of tea, coffee and sugar on a kitchen worktop. The artefact should be stylish, compact, well made and appropriately finished. It should reflect a theme of your choice.

Design Briefs – Higher Level
1. Fruit is an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. Design and make an artefact to store and display a range of fruit in an appealing manner. A useful and innovative secondary function must be integral to your design. The artefact should be designed for placement on a worktop or for wall-mounting. Your design should incorporate solid wood and have an appropriate applied finish. The maximum dimension must not exceed 400mm.
2. Young people are inspired by scientific discoveries, innovations and advancements and by their contemporary applications. Design and make an elegant artefact reflecting a significant scientific milestone which has had an influential and lasting impact on society. Your design should incorporate native Irish hardwoods and include a range of handcraft skills and techniques. The artefact should be suitable for display on a mantelpiece or shelf.
3. Young people like to have personal items close by while relaxing in their room. Design and make a modern wall-mounted bedside unit which includes an integrated hand crafted lamp. Your design should incorporate a facility to store small personal items in an enclosed manner which avoids clutter. The artefact should be slimline, graceful in form and display hand crafted joints in solid wood. Note: All electrical connections and fittings must comply with current safety standards. The maximum dimension must not exceed 450mm.