Parent/Guardian Workshop Invitation

Supporting our Children through Second Level Education:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Parent’s Council of Hazelwood College wish to invite you to the following workshop:

Supporting our Children through Second Level Education.  This workshop will take place on Monday November 21st at 7.30pm in Hazelwood College, and will be presented by Mr. Noel Brosnan.

The following topics will be covered: 

  • Helping your teenagers deal with mistakes and failures and thereby becoming more resilient.


  • Listening for teenage fears and anxieties and responding appropriately

Mr. Noel Brosnan was a teacher in St. Mary’s Secondary School, Charleville for over twenty years. He was also a Department of Education Leaving Cert History Examiner. For the last ten years he has delivered Exam Success Skills Workshops in schools throughout the Munster Region.      

All Parents/Guardians are invited to attend. Please return the signed section below so we can ensure that we have appropriate seating in place. Tea and coffee will be served on the night.

Noel also presents seminars to parents and teachers on a range of topics including effective learning methods and resilience, confidence and communication skills.

Looking forward to meeting you,


Helen Lacey Pierce (Chairperson, Parents Council)

RSVP: Friday 18th November

Workshop: Supporting our children through second level education

at Hazelwood College

Please sign and return to school secretary.

I,___________________________will be attending.

I, ___________________________ am unable to attend.

Alan Quinlan Visit

Parents Association Hazelwood College Invites Mr Alan Quinlan to address Staff & Students on Mental Health.
November 30th 2015

By: Joan Twohill, Secretary.

The Monday morning blues were short lived in Hazelwood College last week, where students and staff were treated to a visit from Retired Irish Rugby Union Player and Positive Mental Health Ambassador Mr Alan Quinlan. Alan is a 2 time Heineken Cup winner and was in fact voted ‘’ Man of the Match’’ as Munster beat Toulouse in 2008 when Munster won the Heineken Cup for the second time. Alan Quinlan was part of the selection panel to play in the 2003 & 2007 Word Cups, retiring from Rugby in 2011.

Alan has spoken many times and has written about his own experiences of Mental Health, depression, anxiety and how he realised the importance of seeking help in his recovery played.

In Hazelwood College, Dromcollogher on Monday 30th November last, Alan Quinlan delivered an inspiring speech to over 600 Students and their teachers, reinforcing the importance of looking after our Mental Health. One could hear a pen drop in the room as Alan spoke of his own personal struggle with Mental Health. He gave some great advice to all of us, for example the importance of shearing our worries and fears with those around us, that we might look great on the outside but we never know how one is feeling on the inside. Exercise, Diet , hobbies, staying away from drugs & smoking all play a huge role in Positive Mental Health Wellbeing.

It is important to take time out to ask the person beside us ‘’ how are you ?’’ Simple but shows we care.
Alan Quinlan’s message with regard to Mental Health Awareness complimented the great work in this area already being carried out by the Students in Hazelwood College and their teachers. The School has entered in the Mental Health Association’s Public Speaking Competitions for a number of years, having won the Limerick County Final three times and making it to the All Ireland Semi Final stages.

This helped enormously to remove the stigma attached to speaking out about mental health, making Hazelwood College a better and safer place to be in for both students and Teachers.

‘’ In life we cannot stop the waves of challenge that we are continually faced with , At times we need help in figuring out how to conquer problems and really the solution is to talk and keep talking and sharing our worries and woes’’ This is a Quote from a Leaving Cert Student, Mary Cussen, who was preparing her speech for the Schools next Debate.

The Parents Association of Hazelwood College would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Alan Quinlan for his Inspiring visit to our School, to the Principal Mr Brendan Burke and his Staff, for facilitating this visit and we hope that this day will have a long-lasting special effect on us all.

I leave you with a lovely Quote which I came across recently.
‘’Never give up on someone with a Mental Illness. When ‘’ I ‘’ is replaced by ‘’ We ‘’ illness becomes Wellness. – Shannon L. Alder

Hazelwood College Parents Association

Our Annual Hazelwood College 45 Drive Fundraiser, hosted by the Parents Association will take place in the College on Good Friday Night March 25th 2016 next @ 8.30pm.

This annual 45 Drive Card night is in its 27th year of continued success in raising funds which have been given back to benefit and add quality education to all our students over the years in Hazelwood College.

  • As a result of your continued support over the past year we the Parents Association recently hosted a visit from Mr Alan Quinlan Retired Rugby Union Player to speak to all students and staff of our College on Positive Mental Health. This unprecedented visit was greatly appreciated by Students and staff, and its aim was to remove the stigma attached to speaking out about mental health issues, and to get us all talking.
  • We were also privileged to host an excellent workshop for Parents of all students attending Hazelwood College titled ‘’ Supporting our children through second level Education’’ presented by guest speaker, Mr Noel Brosnan. This workshop was attended by over 120 Parents on the night who found it to be very beneficial.
  • We aim once again to provide Yoga classes to those who will be sitting their Leaving Cert exams in 2016 to aid and empower students in the fields of relaxation and breathing techniques which will help with coping skills required for destressing and exam pressure.

I hope we have provided you with an insight into how your continued support is utilised by our association in supporting Parents and Students of our School, and it is our aim to continue this work into the future.

Our School is the sole provider of second level education in this area where there are 350 families attending.

We ask for €20.00 per Family to purchase 4 tickets for the upcoming 45 Drive please, tickets enclosed, and all tickets returned will be entered by March 11th will be entered in a draw on the night.

Dates for your diary: Bag Packing Centra March 18th and 19th  Volunteers can contact myself on 087 7559667 or Helen Pierce 087 2126124

5 K Fun Run/Walk April 24th.

Your Support is greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely

Joan Twohill Secretary 087 7559667


Meet the Association:
Chairperson : Mr Pat Brennan, Secretary Ms Joan Twohill, Treasurer Mr Tom O Callaghan, BOM Reps: Mr John Molyneaux, Ms Betty Cotter, Committee members: Mr Dan Joe O Callaghan, Mr. Liam Reidy, Ms Carmel Walmsley, Ms Helen Pierce, Ms Maura Heenan, Ms Miriam Magner Flynn, Ms Fiona Dore Buckley, Mr Liam Quaid and Ms Mary Madden.

Letter from Parents Council

Hazelwood College Parents Association 2015

 We are a group of Parents who were elected onto the above Association in October 2014 through the annual AGM.

Our objectives are: to promote the interests of students in the School in co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, teachers and students of the school.

We follow National Guidelines and the guidelines of the Constitution of Hazelwood College Parents Association. This can be viewed on

We are affiliated to the National Parents Council Post Primary Association and have insurance with Brennan Insurers.


The following outlines our activities over the past year.

  • Meetings 


    • We held 9 meetings throughout the year, our focus being on promoting the interests of students in the school in co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, teachers and students of the school.
  • School Policies  


  • Hazelwood Parents Association were involved in reviewing School Policies which needed updating during the year.
  • Seminar Invitations:-
    • Parents/Guardians of Hazelwood College were invited to a free Seminar held in Limerick last April. Topics included were Internet Safety/Cyber Bullying, and Information on the Hear & Dare Programme.
    • West Limerick Mental Health Association, Desmond Complex, NCW, April 2015. Admission free – Presentation for Parents/Guardians on Promoting Emotional Wellbeing in Teenagers presented by Mr Enda Murphy, Author of ‘’Five Steps to Happiness’.
  • Funds


  • It has been a tradition over the past few years by the Parents Association to give a donation of €1000 towards the educational /or otherwise benefits of students. This year our Association through the school introduced YOGA classes particularly for exam years. This was to educate students about methods of relaxation, which in turn helping them towards dealing with exam pressures, which can be also considered a lifelong gift to teenagers. Many students participated in this class of a 6 week course, given by an outside teacher.
  • Hazelwood College Parents Association presented Mr Brendan Burke, Principal and his school staff, with a cheque €6000 towards extra activities or equipment for the benefit for all our students in the school.
  • Suggestions
  • Some of your suggestions were taken on board. Parents of children who travel on the school bus will receive a text when the bus for any unforeseen reason is unable to travel of a day. This will come into operation on
  • ‘’From Me to You Scheme’’
  • Recently introduced by our Association, This is where we invite Students/Parents/Guardians to drop back unwanted school uniforms in good condition. We will sell them onwards at a very low cost to those interested. Items may include School Skirts/Jumpers/Ties and school jackets. These items must be in good condition and clean. We will offer an opportunity for these to be purchased during the year. Your support will be greatly appreciated


  • Fundraising Events:
  • Annual 45 Drive Card Night, 27th year in success.
  • 5K Fun Run/Walk this in its second year and again a great success.

Both these events provided lots of local entertainment along with raising money for our school. We are extremely thankful to all those businesses for their very generous sponsorships and donations along with spot prizes given towards the running of these events.

  • Bag Packing 
  • Newly introduced this year by our Association, again well worth it. Thanks to all those involved, giving their free time.


  • Upcoming Event: Speaker – Mr Alan Quinlan
  • Mr Alan Quinlan, Former Professional Rugby Player for Munster and Ireland who through his own experiences has written his Autobiography “Red Blooded”. He is a speaker on positive Mental Health. We intend to bring Mr Quinlan to Hazelwood College before Christmas 2015. Details are yet to be confirmed.

Hazelwood College is the sole provider of second level education in this area, and the Parents Council have a great tradition over the years, in helping with fundraising for the school. All money raised is used to add value to the education already provided by the college.

We hope this will give you an insight into Hazelwood College Parents Association here in Dromcollogher, and would like to take this opportunity in wishing your children the very best in the future.


Joan Twohill.

Secretary Parents Association Hazelwood College.


Parents Council Invite

National Parents’ Council Post Primary
Dear Parents/guardians of : Hazelwood College , Dromcollogher

You are cordially invited to this upcoming event which will be of huge interest to all Parents and Guardians who have an interest in their children’s education. Date Saturday November 14th  

This event is free to attend, courtsey of NPCpp but delegates must register for the event.

Details of registering at the end of this invite :

Looking forward to seeing you all there,


 Joan Twohill


Secretary, Hazelwood College Parents Association.

NPCpp – Working towards a better education system for all

The President of National Parents’ Council Post Primary cordially invites all Parents, Guardians and Parents’ Association Members to our annual conference on Saturday November 14th 2015

9.3.0am – 5.30pm at the

INEC Convenction Center, Killarney, Co Kerry .

R.S.V.P by Friday, Nov. 6th 2015 at 01 8302740 – 0877887363 or   email:

This conference is free to attend, courtsey of NPCpp but you must register. Last day for registration is Friday Nov. 6th.

Please email to register

Parent Council 5k Training Schedule

The Parents Council have provided us with the following training schedule for the upcoming 5k Run/Walk

Schedule source:

5-K Training: Novice

Training for your first 5-K

HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO TRAIN to be able to run your first 5-K race? Some individuals who possess a reasonably good level of fitness (because they bicycle or swim or participate in other sports) could probably go out and run 3 miles on very little training. They might be sore the week after the race, but they still could finish.

But if you’ve made the decision to run a 5-K race, you might as well do it right. This is an eight-week training schedule to help get you to the finish line. It assumes that you have no major health problems, are in reasonably good shape, and have done at least some jogging or walking.

Start the first couple of weeks by walking for 2 mins then running for 2 mins – building up running for 4 mins walking for 2 mins etc.

The terms used in the training schedule are somewhat obvious, but let me explain what I mean anyway.

Rest: The most important day in any beginning or intermediate running program is rest. Rest days are as vital as training days. They give your muscles time to recover so you can run again. Actually, your muscles will build in strength as you rest. Without recovery days, you will not improve.

Run: Put one foot in front of the other and run. It sounds pretty simple, and it is. Don’t worry about how fast you run; just cover the distance–or approximately the distance suggested. Ideally, you should be able to run at a pace that allows you to converse comfortably while you do so. This isn’t always easy for beginners, so don’t push too hard or too fast.

Walk/Run: This is a combination of running and walking, suggested for those in-between days when you want to do some running, but only some. There’s nothing in the rules that suggests you have to run continuously, either in training or in the 5-K race itself. Use your own judgment. Run until you begin to feel fatigued, then walk until recovered. Run. Walk. Run. Walk. Another option for in-between days is to do some cross-training: biking, swimming or just plain walking. You get a little exercise, but not so much that you are fatigued for the next day’s running workout.

Walk: Walking is an excellent exercise that a lot of runners overlook in their training. In the training schedule below, we suggest that you go for an hour-long walk on the day after your longest run. Don’t worry about how fast you walk, or how much distance you cover. Take time to stop and sniff the flowers or enjoy a scenic view. Not all training should be difficult. If a 60-minute walk seems too much at first, begin with about 30 minutes and add 5 minutes a week until you reach 60 minutes.

The following schedule is only a guide. Feel free to make minor modifications to suit your work and family schedule. The progression below suggests adding a quarter-mile to most runs each week. That’s one lap on most outdoor tracks. If you train on the roads, or on trails, it’s more difficult to measure precisely how far you run. So don’t worry about it. Approximate the distance. Feel free to make minor modifications to suit your work and family schedule.



Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 Rest or run/walk 1.5 mile run/walk Rest or run/walk 1.5 mile run/walk Rest 1.5 mile run/walk 30-60 min walk
2 Rest or run/walk 1.75 m run Rest or run/walk 1.5 m run Rest 1.75 m run 35-60 min walk
3 Rest or run/walk 2 m run Rest or run/walk 1.5 m run Rest 2 m run 40-60 min walk
4 Rest or run/walk 2.25 m run Rest or run/walk 1.5 m run Rest 2.25 m run 45-60 min walk
5 Rest or run/walk 2.5 m run Rest or run/walk 2 m run Rest 2.5 m run 50-60 min walk
6 Rest or run/walk 2.75 m run Rest or run/walk 2 m run Rest 2.75 m run 55-60 min walk
7 Rest or run/walk 3 m run Rest or run/walk 2 m run Rest 3 m run 60 min walk
8 Rest or run/walk 3 m run Rest or run/walk 2 m run Rest Rest 5-K Race