Parent/Guardian Workshop Invitation

Supporting our Children through Second Level Education:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Parent’s Council of Hazelwood College wish to invite you to the following workshop:

Supporting our Children through Second Level Education.  This workshop will take place on Monday November 21st at 7.30pm in Hazelwood College, and will be presented by Mr. Noel Brosnan.

The following topics will be covered: 

  • Helping your teenagers deal with mistakes and failures and thereby becoming more resilient.


  • Listening for teenage fears and anxieties and responding appropriately

Mr. Noel Brosnan was a teacher in St. Mary’s Secondary School, Charleville for over twenty years. He was also a Department of Education Leaving Cert History Examiner. For the last ten years he has delivered Exam Success Skills Workshops in schools throughout the Munster Region.      

All Parents/Guardians are invited to attend. Please return the signed section below so we can ensure that we have appropriate seating in place. Tea and coffee will be served on the night.

Noel also presents seminars to parents and teachers on a range of topics including effective learning methods and resilience, confidence and communication skills.

Looking forward to meeting you,


Helen Lacey Pierce (Chairperson, Parents Council)

RSVP: Friday 18th November

Workshop: Supporting our children through second level education

at Hazelwood College

Please sign and return to school secretary.

I,___________________________will be attending.

I, ___________________________ am unable to attend.