Phase 3 Extension Complete

There was great excitement around the school last week as classes commenced in the new phase 3 extension.

The 11 classroom extension, including a new science lab, a fourth fully equipped computer room and a new home economics room, keeps the school campus modern and up to date.

This Superwarm ‘A’ rated building was built by Limerick company Connack Construction and designed by Leyden, Hasset and Associates. Apart from looking great and creating a wonderful learning environment for our students, the building boasts exciting features such as;

• The latest in energy saving technology
• Automatic lights which sense if the students are in the classrooms and also adjust light levels according to daylight levels
• Automatic ventilation system preventing the building from over-heating in the Summer months.
• Self-closing windows on detection of high winds or rain
• High speed 10GB fibre network and a high speed wifi network
• Rain water harvesting
• Heat recovery system

We look forward to many years of learning and teaching together in this state of the art facility.

Here is a short video showing the final months of construction and photos of the finished project.

Visit the schools youtube page to see all the videos detailing the construction of the Phase 3 Extension …here…

Building Works Update

The building of our extension is still progressing well. The new basketball courts are close to completion and the new building remains on schedule to be completed over the summer months.

Here is a short video of the progress from late December to the 1st March.

In case you missed it, here is a video of the progress from October to December 2016.

Building Works Update

Things are progessing well with our new extension. Greatly helped by the good weather for the month of October.

Here are some photographs of the progress. Sub foundations for the new buildings were dug and poured to a depth of 2.4m. On top of these foundations the steel formwork for the main foundation ring were laid. Over the midterm break these upper foundations will be poured and completed

At the second location over 300 truck loads of soil have been removed and the base for the new basketball courts and soccer pitch are being laid.

Phase 3 Extension Latest News

Finally after a number of unscheduled delays Hazelwood College is happy to announce the plans for our new extension have finally been submitted to Limerick County Council.

The extension will comprise of a Home Economics Suite, a new Science Laboratory, a new computer room, 5 general classrooms, 3 support classrooms and a number of other facilities including Pastoral Care offices, toilet facilities, referees facilities and all the supports a building of its size will require.

The new building will be built to the latest standards in engineering, and will be built to near Passiv standards, meaning it will be a warm and comfortable building. Every room will be built with maximising light and natural ventilation in mind.

As the building will be built on the current outdoor hard-court area a new hard-court area will be constructed to the western end of the existing building.

Should all go to plan, the intention is to conduct the heavy groundworks over the summer months of 2016 with the new building to be completed in advance of the academic year beginning September 2017.