Junior Certificate Woodwork Projects 2018

Below are the projects submitted by this years woodwork classes for the State Examinations.

Students had to pick one of the following design briefs and submit a project they felt answered the brief.

Coursework 2018 – Design and Realisation

Design Briefs – Ordinary Level

1. Design and make a compact wooden artefact for displaying notes and reminders in the home.
Your artefact should include a facility to hold keys and other small items. It should be elegant in design and hand crafted. The maximum dimension must not exceed 420mm.

2. Design and make a decorative artefact to promote an appreciation of Irish Wildlife.
The artefact should reflect aspects of flora and/or fauna native to your locality. Your design should be enhanced by the use of solid woods. The artefact should be compact and suitable for display in your home.

3. Design and make an attractive educational toy as a gift for a child.
The wooden toy should be designed to help the child recognise shapes and colours and to develop their manipulative skills. The maximum dimension must not exceed 350mm. The applied finish should be non-toxic and safe.

Design Briefs – Higher Level

1. Artefacts that are functionally innovative and of elegant design are admired.
Design and make an attractive wooden container to store baked goods. Your artefact should include an integral and complementary secondary function. Your artefact should be designed for placement on a kitchen worktop or for wall-mounting and be made from appropriately jointed solid wood. The maximum dimension must not exceed 400mm. The applied finish must be food-safe.

2. Wellbeing is important in the life of a young person.
Design and make an elegant artefact to reflect an aspect of wellbeing that is important to you. Your artefact should be enhanced by the use of contrasting solid woods and should showcase a range of handcraft skills and techniques. The artefact should be suitable for display on a mantelpiece or shelf.

3. Streaming and downloading on phones and tablets are popular when accessing online content.
Design and make a compact artefact to support a phone or tablet while viewing content. A facility to adjust the viewing angle should be integral to your design. Your artefact must incorporate storage for headphones and other ancillary items. Your artefact should exhibit skilful handcraft in wood. The size of the artefact must be appropriate to the size of the phone or tablet.