Traffic Management

The safety of the children is paramount during the construction of our new extension and associated site works.

Only staff cars and buses will be allowed onto the campus from Monday 3rd October. Parents/Guardians should park away from the campus and not block the buses. It was never intended in the original design of the school that parents would drive on the grounds of the school. The intention was parents would let their children out of the car in the drop off zone outside the gates and students would walk on the paths into the school and thus not meet any cars.

As there will be a number of concurrent works taking place on site it is necessary to close the access road to the rear of the school to all traffic. The road space in the teacher car park to the front the of the school is to be reserved exclusively for the school buses and to facilitate the turning of these buses. Parents are no longer permitted to enter the staff car park to collect their students and must remain outside the school gates. Parents may wish to consider other collection points for their children such as ‘the square’ in the village.

We accept these changes will cause inconvenience and possible delay especially in the early days as we all get used to these changes, but remember these changes are designed with the safety of children in mind. Parents entering the school grounds and attempting to turn their cars while students are exiting the building will be an extremely risky activity and is not permitted.