Plúirín Sneachta agus na Seachtar Fir Beaga

Plúirín Sneachta agus na Seachtar Fir Beaga

As part of the transition year Irish programme the T.Y. 2 class performed an Irish play go huile is go hiomlán as gaelige!

The play – Snow White and The Seven Dwarves was a great success. When we were first told we would perform a play in Irish we weren’t very optimistic to say the least! But with a bit of work we pulled it off. We decided to put a modern twist on the beloved fairytale and took it into our own hands to write the play.

We did the play as a way of promoting the Irish language and culture in the school. We performed the play for 1st and 2nd years and they all enjoyed it. We charged each student €2 and donated the proceeds to the victims of Haiti.

We all had great fun while rehearsing for the play as well as learning the auld cúpla focal!

Katie Lordan
Transition Year

Snow White