Faster Broadband for Hazelwood


As part of our continuing efforts to keep our IT department up to date with the lastest in Technology we have now increased our broadband speeds through our provider BBnet. All classrooms now have a high speed 5MB download connection and the staff of the school can avail of easy access to school files and records from home through our high speed 3MB upload connection.

Every classroom in Hazelwood college has a broadband connection, multimedia projector and at least one computer as a minimum. There are in total almost 200 computers and laptops available to all students and staff in the college.

In the coming weeks we intend to offer email addresses to all students in the school. This email will be based on the popular Gmail email system from Google and will allow student access to their files from anywhere in the world.

Students and staff already set up with addresses can log in …here… to access their files