Transition Year – Faraday Lecture University of Limerick

The Faraday Lectures

The Transition Years attended a lecture in the University of Limerick today. The lecture was called “The Faraday Lecture” after the scientist Michael Faraday on whose work all modern day robotics and physics is based. While being a lecture it was very practical based showing students examples of modern day robots and robots of the future based on Faraday’s principles.

Brief biography of Michael Faraday

Faraday, Michael (1791-1867):
Coming from a poor family, Faraday was apprenticed at the age of fourteen to a bookbinder: “he was allowed to spend as much time reading books as he did binding them.” One of the books he found himself regularly binding was the Encyclopedia Britannica. After six years of book binding, to his very good fortune, Faraday, at the age of 21, was introduced to Sir Humphrey Davy; he went and joined Davy at the Royal Institution as Davy’s personal assistant. (A story describing the relationship of Davy and Faraday would prove to be a mighty interesting one.) At any rate, Faraday led a very illustrious career as a scientist. (In those days they called themselves natural philosophers; and indeed, Faraday was a philosopher: his researches are pointed to as illustrative of the power of the inductive philosophy.) Though there developed quite a dispute over the point, Faraday is generally credited with the discovery of electromagnetic induction (1821), and described certain elements and chemical compounds such as chlorine and benzene.

University of Limerick – First Years

University Of Limerick Access Office

Class 1A will visit the University of Limerick today as part of their Access Projects. All first year students in the school complete a research project on the University it’s courses, facilities and requirements for access to the University. Over the next four weeks each of the First Year class groups will visit the University for an Orientation Day

University of Limerick

University Of Limerick Access Office

John Mc Dermot from the University of Limerick will talk to the Leaving Certificate 2 class about access options to the University of Limerick after having completed the Leaving Certificate Exams.

Tsunami Appeal Fund

Tsunami Appeal Fund

Pictured are Hazelwood College students Joanne O Shea and Teresa Daly from the Leaving Cert Applied II class presenting Fr. Ambrose with a cheque for €1200 in aid of the Tsunami Disaster Appeal fund. The class raised the money by organising a Non -Uniform Day in the school. The are pictured with their teacher Ms. Sinead Dwane.

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Ash Wednesday

Canon Ambros will be in the School today to conduct a Reconcilation Service. Afterwards Ashes will be distribuited amongst the Students and Staff.

At the cermony the Canon will be presented with a cheque for €1200. This money was raised by the Leaving Certificate Applied class in the past few weeks. They organised a non-uniform day in aid of the Tsunami appeal with all students in the school making a contribution.

St John’s Central College Cork

Mr Redmond Jennings from St John’s Central College of Further Education Cork visited the school today to speak with Leaving Certificate Applied students and the options available to them after they leave school.

University Of Limerick Access Office

University Of Limerick Access Office

John Mc Dermot from the University Of Limerick Access Office visited the school today to meet with the First Years. Using our links with the University all first years complete a project about the University – it’s courses, facilities, accommadation and all aspects of being a student at the University.

As part of the project the students will visit the University and recieve Certificates of completion.