Calendar 2018 – 2019


Tuesday 28th August:     1st years from 9:00 to 1:00

Wednesday 29th August:     3rd, 6th and LCA 2 Return

Thursday 30th August:     Remaining students return

Friday 31st August:     Viewing of Leaving Certificate Scripts


Saturday 1st September:     Viewing of Leaving Certificate Scripts

Wednesday 12th September:     Junior Certificate results

Monday 17th September:     1st years to Capanalea


Tuesday 9th October:     Celebrating Us

Tuesday 16th October:     Open Morning

Wednesday 17th October:     Open Night

Tuesday 23rd October:     School tour to Prague & Krakow until 27th October

Thursday 25th October:     Parent / Teacher meeting 6th years and LCA 2. No Homework Club or Study

Friday 26th October:     Start of Mid-term break.


Monday 5th November:     Return after midterm

Tuesday 6th November:     5th and LCA 1 Parent / Teacher meeting.  Classes finish at 3:45. P/T Meeting from 4:15 to 6:45 No Homework Club or Study

Friday 9th November:     Final date for enrolling 1st years for September 2018

Thursday 15th November:     Staff meeting No Homework Club or Study

Wednesday 21st November:     2nd year & TY 1 Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework Club or Study

Friday 30th November:     DATS tests for 3rd years


Monday 3rd December:     3rd year Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework club or Study

Tuesday 18th December:     Start of house examinations

Friday 21st December:     Christmas holidays


Monday 7th January:     Return after Christmas holidays

Friday 11th January:     In-service Junior Certificate for all staff. School closed.

Tuesday 15th January:     First year & TY 2 Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework Club or Study

Wednesday 23rd January:      Course options evening 3rd and TY

Saturday 26th January:     Assessment for incoming first years


Tuesday 5th February:     Start of pre-leaving examinations

Tuesday 12th February:     Start of LCA pre examinations

Friday 15th February:     Mid-term break

Monday 25th February:     Return after mid-term break

Thursday 28th February:      Final date for repeat applications


Wednesday 6th March:     UL Business Awards

Wednesday 13th March:     Staff meeting No Homework Club or Study

Monday 18th March:     Bank holiday

Wednesday 20th March:     6th and LCA 2 Parent / Teacher meeting No Homework Club or Study


Friday 12th April:     Easter Holidays

Monday 29th April:     Return after Easter holiday


Monday 6th May:     Bank holiday school closed

Wednesday 8th May:     Meeting of parents of incoming 1st years

Tuesday 14th May:     Staff meeting No Homework Club or Study

Tuesday 28th May:     Start of summer tests

Friday 31st May:     Summer holidays


Wednesday 5th June:     Start of state examinations

The management reserve the right to alter the calendar at any time. Please check this website for amendments to the calendar.

*** Denotes Change/Addition to Timetable from original publication