Traffic Management Update

The safety of all students is paramount while on the school grounds.

Parents should note that the policy of only allowing staff cars and buses onto the campus re-introduced last year will be continued on a permanent basis. To facilitate this a new barrier has been installed on the entrance gate to the school.

It was never intended in the original design of the school that parents would drive on the grounds of the school. The intention was parents would let their children out of the car in the drop off zone outside the gates and students would walk on the paths into the school and thus not meet any cars.

Parents are not permitted to enter the staff car park to collect their students and must remain outside the school gates. Parents may wish to consider other collection points for their children such as ‘the square’ in the village. Parents should not attempt to tailgate staff cars through the barrier or enter the premises if the barrier is still open/not fully closed. Parents should not wait/stop at the barrier blocking the entrance to the school until a staff memember arrives to open the gate to gain access to the premises.

Construction works will still continue onsite for a number of weeks during September; the side gate, when open, is exclusively for use by construction traffic and school buses. Parents are not permitted to enter the premises via the side gate.

Parents continuing to enter the school grounds and attempting to turn their cars while students are entering/exiting the building puts other students at risk.