Whats good about school



The best thing I like about Hazelwood College is working in the shop. The school has a shop which is run by the students, mainly transition year, provides finance for school trips and outings. I like this because you experience what it’s like to be responsible. It prepares you for work in the real world.
I have only been going to Hazelwood College for 3months so far as I transferred schools but I have made lots of new friends and everyone is so friendly.
I am in transition year and I am really enjoying it. We are doing PE courses in UL, work experience, inviting guest speakers for talks on many different professions.

It’s a great school and I’m lovin’ it!!

Whats good about school.

The best thing about school is the friends and being able to meet them every school day and have some craic. To meet them at lunch and complain about your day.
The memories of bring in school with my friends are some of my best because even though there were some hard times my friends were always there to help me through them.
Transition year is a great experience because it gives you a chance to do things that you normally wouldn’t do in school as well as preparing you for the leaving cert and the hard times that follow.
The sports at the school are great and we have some excellent coaches. Who have made the team good enough to win the Munster Championships over the last few years.