About Michael Whelan

Name. Michael Whelan
Class . Transition

The best thing about Hazelwood college is the people around are very friendly .also I like the sports facilities hear the hurling is very well looked after .also the teachers hear are very friendly and we get along very well. The new school has everything that we need new science room and wood work and metal work rooms have everything that we need.

The best thing about transition year is working in the shop. It is very exciting with all the rush at lunch time. Also we get to go out on trips all the time and we get to do things that we will never get to do again in any other year.

The principal and vice principal are very nice and hardly give out to us.

Also the best thing in the transition year program is the work experience. It is very good and it gives us a look at how it is like in the world of work.

It transition we have a good crack and the people in my class are the most friendly people around.

The things I missed this year were the practical subjects which I really liked and missed over the year.

After all the year was a good laugh and it gave us time to set ell down after the Junior cert and to think about what we would like to do after school.

hey boo how r u mary loves you talk l8r

love helen