LCA 2 First Aid

Attached photos from the recent practical first aid course completed by LCA2’s.

1. Alan Scanlan learning how to administer CPR to a baby
2. Noel Geary practising his CPR techniques on a baby.
3. James Foley administering CPR on a baby.
4. John Matthews receiving instruction from Catherine Lynch on how to save a baby from choking
5. James Foley follows careful instruction from Gerard Doody
6. Conor Greaney practising abdominal thrusts also known as the Heimlich Maneuver.
7. Tara Barrett following Gerard Doody’s instructions.
8. Mag Kiely listening to Catherine Lynch’s advice
9. Niamh Ryan administering CPR.
10. John Matthews having his blood pressure taken by Gerard Doody.
11. Heid O Dell learning how to put on a sling.

Leaving Certificate Applied First Aid

leaving Certificate Applied students are currently training in the important life skills of First Aid

Picture 1: Catherine Lynch of the Irish Red Cross demonstrates important first aid skills to Hazelwood College Leaving Certificate Applied students Noel Geary, Alan Scanlon and John Matthews.

Picture 2: Conor Greaney, Hazelwood College student, practices his first aid skills as part of his Leaving Certificate Applied studies.

LCA First Aid (1)

LCA First Aid (2)

Apprentice Chefs Turn up the Heat in the Kitchen!

Apprentice Chefs Turn up the Heat in the Kitchen!

Two talented Home Economics students in Hazelwood College have confirmed that they can take the heat in the kitchen when they wowed judges with their exceptional culinary skills in the Apprentice Chef final held in the Institute of Technology, Tralee on Friday last.

It was a hotly contested final with Julia O’ Doherty TY and Laura Stack 2nd year competing against 6 other finalists from schools in Kerry and Cork. The students had to create a recipe for a main course using ingredients listed in the “Good Mood Food List” with marks being awarded on presentation, quality and skills demonstrated along with a written project.

Laura Stack created a mouth watering dish which consisted of crispy chicken with spinach and tarragon stuffing served with roast vegetable filo basket and a bell pepper sauce. Julia O’ Doherty impressed judges with her sole roulade served on a bed of stir fry vegetables, potato gratin and a prawn bisque sauce. This creation led to Julia being crowned as the overall winner by the judges who commented on Julia’s impressive level of skills for someone so young and her extensive knowledge regarding her coursework. Apprentice Chef Mentor Judge Mark Doe said “We have been blown away by the standard of not only the cooking of the students’ dishes, but just as importantly the standard of projects they submitted”

Julia’s exceptional win was rewarded with a very generously sponsored prize of €1,000 worth of cooking equipment for Hazelwood College by Lee Strand, a three day internship with Apprentice Chef Mentor Simon Regan at the 5 Star Hotel Europe in Killarney, three cookery workshops with Apprentice Chef Mentor Mark Doe at “Just Cooking” cookery school in Firies, three Innerjoy Wellbeing coaching sessions with Susan Fitzgerald, an Apprentice Chef uniform, kitchen utensils and certificate.

Laura along with the other 6 runners-up received prizes consisting of a three hour cookery masterclass at the Institute of Technology, Tralee, an Apprentice Chef uniform and certificate. Their Home Economics teacher at Hazelwood College Ms. Daly was overjoyed with the news and was thrilled that their interest, enthusiasm and talent shone through on the day.

Photo: Sixteen year old Julia O’Doherty, a transition year student in Hazelwood College who was announced as the Overall Winner of The Apprentice Chef 2013. Presenting her with a cheque of 1,000 euros is John O’Sullivan General Manager Lee Strand, from left, Mark Murphy Lecturer ITT, Simon Regan, Chef – Hotel Europe, Mark Doe, Chef – Just Cooking, John Murray Lecturer ITT, Susan Fitzgerald Innerjoy & Wellbeing Coach, Noreen Daly Home Economics Teacher Hazelwood College.

Photo: Left to Right – Julia O’Doherty TY and Laura Stack 2nd Year at the Apprentice Chef Final in Institute of Technology Tralee.

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Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas

Leaving Certificate Applied I students stand before Hazelwood College’s Christmas tree and Christmas Crib, which are situated at the heart of the school both physically and spiritually. They serve as colourful reminders of Hazelwood College’s ethos and also serve to encourage students in the last few weeks of 2012. The students, all Leaving Certificate Applied I, are (left to right) Rachel Heffernan, Heidi O’Dell, Margaret Kiely, John Matthews, Niamh Ryan, James Foley, Dean Prunty and Noel Geary.

Hazelwood College gets ready for Christmas as Leaving Certificate Applied I students John Matthews (background) and Rachel Heffernan (left) and Niamh Ryan (right) decorate the school’s Christmas tree.

Hazelwood College Leaving Certificate Applied I students Heidi O’Dell (left) and Rachel Heffernan (right) examine their Christmas decorating as they spread festive cheer throughout Hazelwood College.

Grow Your Own- Supersized!

Grow Your Own- Supersized!

Grow Your Own- Supersized! Hazelwood College Leaving Certificate Applied student Natasha Mangan presents her Hotel Catering and Tourism teacher, Ms Emer O’Flaherty, with a courgette, which Natasha grew as part of a key assignment for her Leaving Certificate Applied course.

Car Safety Day

Car Safety Day

Photos from the recent car safety day for Leaving Certificate Applied students.

Picture 1: Hazelwood College Leaving Certificate Applied I and II students recently participated in a car safety demonstration under the supervision of Michael Gleeson. In the course of the day long practical demonstration, students learned valuable skills that will enable them to preserve their lives on the road.

Picture 2: Leaving Certificate Applied I students from Hazelwood College as they participate in the day long car safety demonstration as they listen to Michael Gleeson, who through using his ‘MOG’ car, was able to demonstrate the dangers posed through dangerous driving.

Picture 3: Michael Gleeson with Hazelwood College LCA I students as he explains the safety features of cars, using his ‘MOG’ car.