Junk Kouture

Junk Kouture

Designers of the Future

Hazelwood Colleges Art Students gets set to strut their stuff in the Junk Kouture Fashion Show

Pictured are the Hazelwood College entries to this years ‘Junk Kouture’ Recycled Fashion show. In this competition students are challenged to create wearable art and outrageous outfits in Junk Kouture style. They have to take recycled materials and turn them in to high end couture fashion.

Costume 1: Model Rachel Heffernan wearing the costume called ‘the Ghost Bride’. This costume was made by Hazelwood Colleges second year art students Selina Kiely, Lara Grufferty and Rachel. The dress is made completely out of recycled newspaper, the majority of which is the Weekly Observer and the Vale Star

Costume 2: Model Aoife O’Mullane models the costume made by second year art students Ella Grufferty, Allanah Mathews and Aoife. This cutting edge outfit is made entirely out of paper maché, paper and plastic bags.

Costume 3: Model Grace Morey models this ‘Lady Gaga’ inspired dress made by second year art students Chloe O’Connell and Catherine Corbett and Grace. They made this fantastic outfit out of Chicken Wire, cardboard, crêpe paper and coke can tops.

Costume 4: Hazelwood College Transition Year students, Niamh O’ Leary, Triona Dunleavy and Katherine McCarthy with their design for the Junk Kouture competition. The dress is made from hula hoops, chicken wire newspaper insulation pipes and chains.

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