About Mary

Ennis, Mary
(Also known as Mary Joe, Mary Boo).

YEAR: Transition Year
STAR SIGN: Sagittarius.
LIKES: I like moonlit walks on the beaches. Of course I’ve never taken a moonlit walk on he beach, but shur how bad. I like Friday evenings and, complaining that it’s not Friday evening.

The best thing about being in Hazelwood College is the people in Transition Year. I didn’t know a lot of them before I started this year and they are all sound and gas craic.
Of course Dan mowing the lawn definitely comes in a close second.
At this point, I should really give the teachers a mention, seeing as they do come in every day, and even when I’ve gone on and am making a lot of money, they will still be coming in, every day, forever and ever. Good luck with that.